Company Policies and Procedures


We prefer to bring our own supplies. We have tested our products to make sure they provide quality results. If you want us to use your cleaning products, we can do so. For equipment like vacuums, mops, buckets and brooms, we expect clients to provide with such for Residential Cleaning.

If you are a commercial client, your charges will cover cost of such equipment unless you have it. However, if you want us to use our own such as mops, cloths, brooms we will do so but remember that stuff is shared for other works.


When scheduling your appointment we reserve a day and time for you and you alone. If you want to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any reason give us a notice in advance. This is to avoid time conflicts on our schedules. Notify us by email/call us/WhatsApp on our contact details.  Cancellations cost the company dearly. We can’t afford as a business to cover the costs that would have been incurred in preparation for the appointment. So, we urge you to advice us in time at least 24 hrs before the day of the service.

Oohesy Cleaning Services will be closed for business when there are bad weather conditions which prevent safe driving. We will call/email and re-schedule the appointment.


Our hours of operation are from 8:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m, Monday to Sunday. Cleaning technicians arrive at your premise between 8:00 a.m and 9:00 a.m. Due to unpredictable nature of the cleaning business, an exact time to complete the job cannot be offered but we try not to spend the whole day (8 hrs.) at your place.

During our time of arrival, may you entrust us with access to your place, so we can start our work to avoid any inconveniences.


We will move furniture as we come to clean your place and we expect clients to put away their sentimental items and confidential documents before the cleaning technicians arrive. Advise us on items/furniture which is not secured in a proper manner so we can handle it with precaution (e.g. broken blinds, curtain rods, loose carpet, normal wear and tear that comes with age and usage etc.). If there is any furniture which seem unstable, we will skip cleaning.

Great care is taken when cleaning your place, but occasionally accidents do happen. If we are responsible for damages to your items/furniture in your work space/home, we make every attempt to repair, or replace. Damages noticed while the cleaning technicians are gone must be reported within 24hrs to our offices.


It is important that we access all area that we will be cleaning, freely and without distractions. Excessive talking beyond cleaning instructions prevents us from being 100% focused. Children and pets, should be out of our way where we will be cleaning, in order to prevent safety hazards (contact with cleaning products, tripping over buckets, caddies, vacuum cords, etc)


We accept payments through EcoCash, bank transfer and swipe. Payment is due at the time services are rendered.

We fairly price our services higher for the reasons that we pay proper taxes, supply high-end professional products, conduct proper training for the staff, office overhead expenses and carry proper insurances.

Anything outside of our agreed scope of work, including the cleaning of rooms not originally included in the agreement, are considered add-ons and additional fees apply.


Oohesy Cleaning Services process relevant personal data regarding all members of staff and they sign confidentiality agreements when hired.

We value our employees, for whom we have invested a considerable amount of time and money in training and other ways. We put a great deal of effort and expense to invest in our Cleaning Technicians. If the client hires away our cleaning technicians by agreement or solicitation for services similar to ours, the client will pay liquidated damages to Oohesy Cleaning Services amounting to the sum of $ZWL1000 as liquidated damages.